Mold Testing

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Air Sample Captured During Mold Test

Licensed Mold Testing and Moisture Investigations

Coastal Disaster Recovery is Florida-Licensed to perform comprehensive mold testing and air quality testing services.

Our owner, Stephen Delgado, personally performs all mold testing and investigation services. Stephen follows strict licensing regulations and chain of custody procedures to perform accurate mold assessment. Steve will captures air and/or surface samples and send them to an independent, certified lab for analysis. Equally important, he performs a moisture investigation to document the condition of your property from a humidity and water damage perspective.  When Stephen arrives, he will get a history of the property, discuss your concerns, and then perform a visual inspection and a moisture investigation. After he performs his investigation, he will recommend locations for capturing samples.

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Moisture Investigation Tools

The moisture investigation is important, because the number one precursor to mold in the indoor environment is out-of-control moisture. Mold spores are everywhere, outdoors and indoors. They will blossom if given heat and moisture. In order for mold to grow, a property must have, at one time, sustained a water damage incident, including excessive humidity. Water intrusion can enter properties through floods, pipe leaks, sewer backups, air conditioning condensate, window leaks, roof leaks, and more.

Call 727-725-8999 to ask questions and schedule your mold testing:

  • Weekend Testing
  • Next Day Results are Available
  • Free Thermal Imaging with Testing
  • Black Mold Identification
  • Wall Cavity Air Sampling
  • Laser Particle Counter Testing
  • Moisture Investigations
  • Infrared Water Leak Detection
  • Mold/Mildew Surface Sampling
  • Post Remediation Clearance Testing
  • Mold Remediation Protocols
  • Mold Remediation Project Management
  • Air Quality Testing for Mold
  • Buying a property that has been vacant, a foreclosure or short sale?
  • Recently purchased a property, but have concerns that mold problems may have been covered up?
  • Think you may have an existing moisture problem that might be causing mold at your property?
  • Suspect a mold problem, and want to discuss mold testing?
  • Need post-remediation clearance testing to make sure your mold remediator did a good job?