Mold Removal


Mold Remediation, Cleanup, Restoration

Mold removal can be complex and mold has been linked to health problems. Florida law requires Mold Assessors and Mold Remediators to be licensed. Stephen Delgado is licensed by the State of Florida to perform mold removal and mold testing. Call 727-725-8999 to find out how we can help you.

  • We use protective gear when necessary and erect containment to prevent mold contamination from spreading.
  • We remove all infected building materials, such as baseboards, ceilings, insulation, and drywall.
  • We haul away affected debris and contents.
  • We treat salvageable contents.
  • We use HEPA-filtered vacuums, antimicrobial mold deterrents for surface cleaning and treatment.
  • We offer alternative sustainable go-green hydroxyl generators
  • We decontaminate furniture and contents.
  • We use HEPA-filtered air scrubbers to sanitize the air and eliminate airborne spores and myco-toxins.
  • We perform electrostatic air fogging to treat all areas of the property.
  • We clean carpets and ducts with biocide treatments.
  • We treat all surfaces and contents with mold inhibitor encapsulants to prevent re-growth.
  • We wire brush beams and joists.
  • Need a mold remediation protocol? We can design an action plan for mold removal and act as project consultant.

Our owner personally supervises each mold remediation project. Stephen Delgado has performed mold removal projects on millions of square feet of commercial and residential space. Steve has over 25 years experience and is licensed and insured.

Call 727-725-8999 now to discuss our mold remediation services.