Hurricane Preparation We've all seen the local hurricane disaster planning guides. These guides are good, but they're not written from the perspective of an expert who has responded to disasters first hand. We have the benefit of 25+ years experience, working on many thousands of properties with … [Read more...]

Water Leak

Detect Water Leaks and Moisture In emergency situations involving water leakage, such as pipe breaks, water heater leaks, A/C pan overflows, and acts of Mother Nature, the full extent of damage cannot always be seen by the naked eye. Sometimes the worst damage is hidden behind walls and in … [Read more...]

Thermal Imaging Water Damage

Thermal Imaging as a Tool In preventive building maintenance, thermal imaging can be used to save the day and save you dollars. As buildings age, we tend to overlook some critical, yet easy-to-forget, building materials. Using thermal imaging during building maintenance can provide insight and … [Read more...]