Musty Odor Removal

Musty Odor?

Our hydroxyl generator can get rid of that smoky, wet, musty odor without the use of chemicals.

Wondering where that musty odor is coming from?

Sometimes, moisture pooling around the doors and windows might be the cause. If flashing was installed incorrectly around windows, or not installed at all, water can seep into wall caviities and sub-floors and building materials begin to rot. What’s worse – this rot is an excellent food source for mold. Unless the damage (rot and mold) has surfaced inside the home, you cannot see it with the naked eye.

Eliminate Musty Odor

Go-green hydroxyl generator eliminates musty odor

If you suspect rot and mold in the wall cavities, call Coastal Disaster Recovery at 727-725-8999. We can perform a moisture investigation using a thermal imaging camera, fiber optic cameras, particle counters, and moisture meters. The thermal imaging camera can detect slight differences in temperature where moisture exists and our technician can then follow up with fiber optic cameras and moisture meters to determine the extent of the damage. We can then remedy this situation by performing mold remediation and repairing, recaulking or resetting windows and door frames so that moisture is no longer a problem.

What is a hydroxyl generator?

The hydroxyl generator is an active surface and air purification technology that uses moisture from the air to create a hydroxyl plasma from the interaction between UV rays, moisture and a metal catalyst. The environmentally-friendly hydroxyl generator eliminates viruses, bacteria, and mold spores and destroys odors and pollutants. Hydroxyl generators are safe for pets, people, and plants.

We’ve been using the sustainable, go-green hydroxyl generator in conjunction with our commercial and residential mold removal and water damage treatments. It’s perfect for mold remediations, sewage backups and flood damage. We also use this state-of-the-art technology to improve air quality during fire and smoke damage restorations.We use the hydroxyl generator as a chemical-free alternative to anti-microbial sprays for chemically-sensitive individuals during mold remediations.

  • Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Nursing Homes: Ensure Healthy Indoor Air Quality for Immuno-Compromised and Allergic Patients.
  • Schools, Colleges, Dorms: Freshen air in stale, cramped spaces.
  • Marinas, Boats, Harbors: Cleanse musty air trapped in cabins, yachts, and cruise liners.
  • Property Managers: Multi-Family Residential Complexes & Office Buildings
  • Hospitality Managers: Purify Hotel Rooms After Guest Smoking
  • Real Estate Agents & Homeowners: Boost Cleanliness and Freshen Air During Housecleaning Sessions.
  • Restaurants: Minimize Stale Food Odors


Call 727-725-8999 for residential and commercial mold removal, musty odor removal and air and surface sanitation.